June 30, 2019

GeoIP's GeoLite is discontinued - solution

Nginx and GeoIP -
Geo Lite data for above module is discontinued in Jan 2019.  In order to use new GeoLite2 data, new module geoip2 has to be installed:
GeoLite2 data is available at - https://dev.maxmind.com/geoip/geoip2/geolite2/

However, this requires rebuilding Nginx.  To avoid this hassle, use GeoLite2 data converted into GeoLite1:

Use the converted data and GeoIP1 works fine.

March 17, 2019

Fios Issue #2: tracert on Windows

Odd behavior was observed on Windows using Fios.  When I ran 'tracert' in cmd on Windows 10, it showed only two hops.  But on Linux it showed all the hops.

See this on Windows:

On Linux:

In short, it's Verizon Fios interfering with ICMP as Windows using ICMP, but Linux is using UDP.  I also tried Ubuntu on Windows, but got the same results of two hops.  It seems only true Linux traceroute works properly with Fios.


1. CountryTraceRoute -
Simple application, not perfect, but seems to be ok.  Below screenshot is from the download site, but when it's ran, it shows same information as tracert for #1, #2 hops, but shows more afterward.

2. NMAP - https://nmap.org
This is the real replacement of tracert; it requires to install npcap.  (WinCap is no longer developed.)

nmap -sU --traceroute www.google.com



Windows MTR

Note that this is here fore reference.  Using 'mtr' did not fix the issue nor worked around the Fios issue.

March 13, 2019

Fios Issue #1: DNS

Run cmd and run nslookup.  Lookup on any words, like "badfios".  If it resolves to, then it is Verizon doing this.

That IP resolves to (search for "reverse IP lookup") "unallocated.barefruit.co.uk" Verizon has some kind of agreement with that company to redirect to sponsored sites instead.

Change FiOS router DNS to:

If the entry were "automatic", but before you enter into edit mode, it should show:

See here for more info:
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    Re: FIOS DNS Hack Directed to unallocated.barefruit.co.uk92.242.140.21

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    I got a response from Verizon today about this.

    "This is expected bahavior.  The Verizon Online DNS resolvers have NXDOMAIN redirection services that redirect any unknown host to a sponsored search page.  You can opt out of this by changing your resolver from .12 to .14."

How to change the DNS in FIOS router -- follow this page.  Image may look little different but the steps are correct.