February 16, 2018

nteract.io, interatctive Python, Jupyter alternative

Python is gaining even more popularity these day with advancement in AI.  Jupyter Notebook is a great tool for learning, experimenting, and real work.  One minor downside of it is, it's a server process and user need browser to use it.  It's a benefit for many situations, but many times I wish it was a standalone application.  And netract.io made this possible:

September 24, 2017

Run task manager minimized automatically at login time on Windows 10


Run task manager automatically at login, minimized on Windows 10


Unlike other versions of Windows, since Win8, putting short-cut of task manager in Start folder won't work as it requires elevated access.


  1. Create a batch file with below content, and store it in somewhere like "c:\bin\":

    start /min taskmgr
  2. From task bar, type in "Task Scheduler", click on "Create Task..."

  3. On "General" tab, enter name like "Task Manager at Login".  Select user account, check off "Hidden", and select "Windows 10" then click Ok button.

  4. On "Triggers" tab, select "At log on", select user setting (in my case only myself), and check off "enabled", then click Ok.

  5. On "Actions" tab, select "Start a program" for Action, then choose the batch file in Program/script.  Then click Ok.

July 14, 2017

Clear DNS cache in Chrome and Windows


In Chrome URL field, type in:

And click on <Clear host cache> button.


Open CMD with Admin privilege and type in:

ipcnofig /flushdns