September 24, 2017

Run task manager minimized automatically at login time on Windows 10


Run task manager automatically at login, minimized on Windows 10


Unlike other versions of Windows, since Win8, putting short-cut of task manager in Start folder won't work as it requires elevated access.


  1. Create a batch file with below content, and store it in somewhere like "c:\bin\":

    start /min taskmgr
  2. From task bar, type in "Task Scheduler", click on "Create Task..."

  3. On "General" tab, enter name like "Task Manager at Login".  Select user account, check off "Hidden", and select "Windows 10" then click Ok button.

  4. On "Triggers" tab, select "At log on", select user setting (in my case only myself), and check off "enabled", then click Ok.

  5. On "Actions" tab, select "Start a program" for Action, then choose the batch file in Program/script.  Then click Ok.

July 14, 2017

Clear DNS cache in Chrome and Windows


In Chrome URL field, type in:

And click on <Clear host cache> button.


Open CMD with Admin privilege and type in:

ipcnofig /flushdns

March 12, 2017

SSL for Raspberry Pi Nginx server with dynamic IP and Custom Domain

This posting is about how to host your own Raspberry Pi web server at home with dynamic IP with custom domain and SSL.

I tried many different methods and different ways to install certbot, but on RPi Raspbian Jessie Lite, this is the only way.


Host own web site(s) on Raspberry pi, with custom domain from home, and support SSL.


  • Raspberry pi + Raspbian Jessie Lite
  • Fast internet
  • Your ISP allows port 80 and 443
  • Own domain and you can edit DNS


  1. Set up Raspberry pi with static IP, and configure your router to port forward to your RPi web server, port 80 and 443(SSL) 
  2. Set up custom domain with dynamic IP.  Make sure you have correct settings in DNS set up.
  3. Set up Nginx on RPi

Set up SSL on RPi  

  • You have to do above prep-work before follow below steps.
  • It is assumed your web site's root doc directory is: /var/www/mysite/
  • It is assumed your custom domain is:
  • Nginx is up and running, and accessible by the custom domain.