May 4, 2021

[Note] Lisp, Emacs, Quicklisp, Slime on Windows 10

Goal: Install LISP, quicklisp, slime, Emacs on Windows 10

Install LISP

  1. CLISP,
    • Download big-zip file.
    • Add to PATH
  2. SBCL,
    • Download v2 64bit. 
    • Install in C:\sbcl and add to PATH.

Install quicklisp

0. save this file in c:\tmp for example,

1. mkdir c:\opt\quicklisp

2. cd \tmp


Clisp: run clisp and type: (load "quicklisp.lisp")

SBCL: run sbcl and type: (load "quicklisp")

4. Type below in LISP environment

(quicklisp-quickstart:install :path "C:\\opt\\quicklisp\\")


3. Quit LISP and run again, then type 
(ql:quickload "quicklisp-slime-helper")

Install Emacs

1. Get the latest installer version from,

2. Ctrl-x, Ctrl-f, then enter ~/.emacs

Note that you can only configure either CLISP or SBCL, not both with this method.

3. Enter following and save (Ctrl-x, Ctrl-s)

for SBCL

(setq inferior-lisp-program "/sbcl/sbcl.exe")
(load "/opt/quicklisp/slime-helper.el")


(setq inferior-lisp-program "clisp.exe")
(load "c:\\opt\\quicklisp\\slime-helper.el")


  1. Run emacs and type (M is ALT), M-x slime
  2. New file (Ctrl-x, Ctrl-f), enter some code 
  3. Evaluate (Ctrl-c, Ctrl-c)
  4. REPL (Ctrl-c, Ctrl-z)




April 13, 2021

"Uncle" Bob Martin - "The Future of Programming"

Been busy reviewing a few books

I'm grateful for the opportunity to review a few books (draft, partial) recently.  It is amazing how much time and effort the authors put in for a book.

This year, I reviewed a couple machine learning books and a programming book.  They are all great.  I have to point out what needs to be improved, and that's sometimes painful when the writing is just perfectly good.  And unfortunately, the publisher always give tight deadlines for review.

Anyways, I can't wait until the books get finished and published.

One of the books I reviewed is being sold as an early access book - Unsupervised Learning with Python:

It's a great reading -- a bit long in some sections but you can read like a novel.  I really enjoyed the book.


I haven't posted about this book, another one I reviewed in 2019 (published in 2020), Learn Docker in a Month of Lunches:

Learn Docker in a Month of Lunches | Book by Elton ...

I used to enjoy reading computer books a lot, until some years ago, many authors just list source code and diagrams, putting labels on them, and put the description below, that spans through pages.  This makes the reader to go back and forth between the diagram/code and the description. 

However this book and the books I recently reviewed -- they are very easy reading I can just read through without flipping pages back and forth.