October 1, 2010

Google Appe Engine test

Follow the IBM tutorial part 1 and check the Resources section to download SDK, eclipse plugin, App Engine account and links to other articles.
  • Pros: most cost effective, reliable solution to host Java app.  IDE, SDK and documents/books are mature and available.
  • Cons: lock-in to GAE due to its proprietary API.

  1. IBM tutorial, Part 1:Rev it up!
  2. IBM tutorial, Part 2:Building the killer app
  3. IBM tutorial, Part 3:Persistence and relationships 
Part 1: Two sample apps - Hello World GAE servlet, and a simple GWT app.  No coding -- just create a project and run. Shows how to deploy it to GAE environment.  See this example: http://keith-greeting.appspot.com/

Part 2: More advanced example, uses GWT.

Part 3: Extending part 2 example, with persistence.

To Try:
  • GAE+Clojure