November 25, 2008


I've been looking at Erlang for some time now to see whether it gains popularity. At that time, I was looking for a new way for programming multi-threading/multi-processor (now multi-core). The existing methods were (and still are) little cumbersome and then I found Erlang after some searching. However the language is very different from other widely used languages, and I wasn't sure if it worth the time to learn it...until recently.  I'm beginning to hear more people are talking about it, and I see more people blogging about it.  So I've played around with it a bit recently.

I installed Erlang on Sparc Solaris (v9), XP, Vista and Ubuntu. The installation for Windows was just a breeze. Ubuntu needed a couple of apt-get's and the version doesn't look like it's the latest. On Solaris, it was a bit of hassle -- the code itself compiles fine, but complained that I need ODBC. I never used ODBC on any Unix flavored OS except Windows -- so I was a bit puzzled whether I could get such for my system. With a bit of googling, found that I needed to install libiodbc, and MySQL ODBC.

Erlang is getting a lot of attentions lately and I'm now reading tutorials and studying it -- so far, it's been fun experience.   It's very similar to PROLOG.  So it's not a completely strange language. I'll keep putting some information on Erlang on my blog.  I get bored easily, and lately Erlang makes my days little more exciting.  Scala was at the top of my list (for interesting technology), but it's Erlang (for now).

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