February 8, 2014

Picture thumbnails but not for videos

I'm using Windows 7 64bit and sometimes opening folder becomes very slow and copying/moving video files hang in the middle of the copying/moving process.  I noticed that if I check off "Always show icons, never thumbnails" option in Folder Options this problem doesn't occur.  I searched on this issue and read many posts -- indeed one of the solutions is to disable showing thumbnails, and another solution is in the properties of the folder containing videos, click on the tab "customize" -> then change "optimize this folder" to "general."
Tried both but I found that changing "customize" in properties is a real hassle to change all the folders that contains video files, and not seeing thumbnails is inconvenient as there are lots of pictures without meaningful file names that my camera created.
I save video files from Courera online courses for later viewing, and the file names has meaningful descriptions so I don't need thumbnails for videos, but for pictures, I want to have thumbnails view.  Unfortunately, the file explorer's option is either turn on or off thumbnails view for both pictures and videos.
One solution I found and settled on is:
  1. Turn off thumbnails view in folder's view options.
  2. Use 3rd party software, SageThumbs (https://code.google.com/p/sagethumbs/)
This combination gives me exactly what I want -- no thumbnails for videos, but thumbnails for pictures.
I hope this post is helpful for anyone experiencing  the same issue and having the same needs.

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