November 3, 2019

[Quantum Computer] Getting Started: Microsoft LIQUi|>

There are several quantum computer simulators and programming environments.  I'm experimenting/learning with a few -- and this is a note on installation and learning resources.

For Microsoft LIQUi|>, I actually experiment with it a couple of years ago, back in 2017.  I'm going through my note and putting some information on this posting, before I put some note on other quantum computer simulation and programming tools I recently toying around with.

First read these pages,


[2] Microsoft LIQUi|> (Liquid),


On Windows, Visual Studio (community version works fine), and uses LIQUi|> own language and F#.  It also support Ubuntu and OSX, but I only tried on Windows 10.

See the installation steps here,

Essentially, just two installation steps:

Step 1, install VS community version,
Step 2, download ZIP from this GitHub, extract and run,

My impression on this was -- installation and running were simple, but hard to learn, and not much learning resources.  I don't recommend using this.  Next posting, I'll post about other more recent simulators and SDKs that seems easier to learn.


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