December 15, 2019

[NOTE] Rust + Eclipse, Learning

Install IDE

Installing Eclipse for Rust, not as extension to existing Eclipse installation.

Download from,

As long as the Rust env vars are set correction, nothing to configure.


Important Facts

When I evaluate new (to me) languages, I first check for followings:
  • Script, VM, or native
  • Thread supporting
  • Easy of Syntax
  • OOP, Functional
  • GUI support
  • Libraries: web, network, AI
  • Performance
  • Benefits over other comparable languages
  • Support and popularity
Rust generates native binary.  Comparable languages: C++, Go lang.  It seems faster than g++ and go lang.  It is quite popular, although I didn't hear anyone I know or heard using it.  It's also multi-paradigm - can do OOP and functional.  

So far, I got pretty good impression with Rust from just spending a few days over the weekend with Rust.  Simple/easy to install, and start coding, a lot of learning materials, good amount of sample code, good open source projects.  Compiling and running are very easy.

I just started to learn Rust -- so I'll see how it goes.


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