February 15, 2020

[Note] old S/W - SparkleShre, Detachtty, QCL, Quipper

[This is just to leave a record.]

While cleaning up an old VM (CentOS 6), found some software I played around several years ago:

SparkleShare - using OwnCloud instead - https://owncloud.org/, blogged here - https://blog.keithkim.com/2018/10/public-cloud-storage-and-owncloud-for.html

Detachtty - no more LISP web app

Quantum computer - using https://qiskit.org/ instead, as blogged here - https://blog.keithkim.com/2019/11/quantum-computer-getting-started-qiskit.html

There were also BigTop, Jenkins, other Lisp (personal) projects on that VM.  I'm now installing another dev VM with CentOS 8.

Technologies come and go so fast.

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