March 13, 2020

[Bookmark] Google's interesting open source projects

Project List,

News Data Set,

Upspin is an experimental project to build a framework for naming and sharing files and other data securely, uniformly, and globally: a global name system of sorts.

Perkeep (née Camlistore) is a set of open source formats, protocols, and software for modeling, storing, searching, sharing and synchronizing data in the post-PC era. Data may be files or objects, tweets or 5TB videos, and you can access it via a phone, browser or FUSE filesystem.

Open Images,
A dataset of ~9 million images that have been annotated with image-level labels and object bounding boxes

Magenta is a research project exploring the role of machine learning in the process of creating art and music. Primarily this involves developing new deep learning and reinforcement learning algorithms for generating songs, images, drawings, and other materials. But it’s also an exploration in building smart tools and interfaces that allow artists and musicians to extend (not replace!) their processes using these models.

JanusGraph is a scalable distributed graph database forked from the popular, but no longer maintained, project Titan. It is optimized for storing and querying graphs containing hundreds of billions of vertices and edges distributed across machine clusters. JanusGraph is a transactional database that can support thousands of concurrent users executing complex graph traversals in real time.

TensorFlow Playground,
TensorFlow Playground is an interactive visualization of neural networks, written in typescript using d3.js. It contains a tiny neural network library that meets the demands of this educational visualization. You can simulate, in real time, in your browser, small neural networks and see the results.

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