June 30, 2020

[Note] DB2 in Docker

Before moving to Ubuntu, I set up DB2 in VBox on Win10 + Ubuntu 18 VM.

With Ubuntu + Docker -- things are a lot easier.  See below:


[1] Get DB2 docker image

$ docker pull ibmcom/db2

[2] Create database volume directory

$ mkdir -p /data/db/db2

[3] Run DB2

$ docker run -itd --name db2 --privileged=true -p 50000:50000 -e LICENSE=accept -e DB2INST1_PASSWORD=<choose an instance password> -e DBNAME=testdb -v /data/db/db2:/database ibmcom/db2

[4] Monitor

$ docker logs -f db2

Wait until DB2 is running and database is created.


Connect to DB2 container:

$ docker exec -ti db2 bash -c "su - db2inst1"


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