September 6, 2011


ASDF doesn't work for me -- I couldn't install it properly on OSX, and it is obsolete anyway.  I found quicklisp ( instead, and it works quite well.

For Common Lisp, check your Common Lisp version -- I believe it requires at least 2.47.  

Simple Steps
  1. wget
  2. Run lisp: $ clisp (or sbcl)
  3. (load "quicklisp.lisp")
  4. (quicklisp-quickstart:install)
  5. ; load quick lisp at start up. do only once.
  6. ; check if pkg avail
    (ql:system-apropos "<package name>")
  7. ; load -- replace <package name> with package name
    (ql:quickload "<package name>")
  • It will create and store downloaded modules under ~user/quicklisp.
  • Step#5 will modify ~/.sbclrc or ~/.clisprc
  • quicklisp doesn't resolve dependencies.
  • clbuild is another lisp package installer.
That's it.  Very simple.