August 10, 2012

Ecl For Windows

ECL (download)

I use CLisp and SBCL, but switched to ECL recently for a few reasons which I will not discuss.  It's just a personal preference.

OSX, Ubuntu, Wheezy(Raspberry Pi) all have pre-compiled packages available through mac port and apt-get, but those are older versions and have issues with quicklisp.

So I compiled Ecl source code for Windows, Ubuntu, OSX, Raspberry Pi.  They all compiled without any difficulties, except that for Windows, it's a few more steps: get VC++(Express version is fine too), run 'nmake' and run installer to package it.  For others who just want to download the binaries

I'll post Windows, and Wheezy version on my blog so people can just download it and use it.  Here is the Windows version: Download Ecl 12.7.1 For Windows, pre-compiled installer

Windows EMACS