January 9, 2015

IE11 and JSON page (e.g. ElasticSearch)

I'm more familar with Linux with FireFox, but trying to use more of Windows and its native programs, such as IE.  I also use three different browsers at the same time -- FF(FireFox), IE, Opera, for example, for testing and other reasons.

When I tried open ElasticSearch page (http://localhost:9200) using IE11, I was surprised to find that IE tries to download JSON, instead of showing it like FireFox. 


Environment: Win7 64-bit.

Tried to view http://localhost:9200 on IE11 and got this:

Three solutions to this:
  1. Use JSON viewer, http://jsonviewer.codeplex.com/
  2. Registry change, http://www.codeproject.com/Tips/216175/View-JSON-in-Internet-Explorer
  3. Just click "Open", and select a text editor.  And next time, it'll open it with the editor instead.
I went with #3 solution - it's the simplest, and I don't like changing registry.  #1 is nice, but don't need it for now.

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