May 24, 2013

Book: ElasticSearch Server

As far as I know, this is the only printed book on ElasticSearch.  I think Manning has an early access book on it too, but not published yet.  There are many blogs and articles, and ElasticSearch site has many documents too -- but I found the information is too scattered and needed a book, and this was the only one available anyway.  It is actually good and very helpful.  However, it seems that it was rushed to print and I hope the next edition of this book has more special cases and real examples.

ElasticSearch is very impressive software, and there are a lot of things it can do, and so many things can be configured, but no decent document on it (yet), and googling and reading documents available through out the net just takes too much time, and not organized, therefore it's confusing, especially after reading so many postings on the web.  The book helped a lot, but still, for your unique problems, it's better to interact with the community.

What is ElasticSearch? (Wikipedia):
ElasticSearch is a distributed, RESTful, free/open source search server based on Apache Lucene. It is developed by Shay Banon and is released under the terms of the Apache License. ElasticSearch is developed in Java.

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