May 28, 2013

Game: Karateka

Retro Karateka game revamped for iOS -- it was a shocking experience seeing Karateka for the first time back in 80's.  Its realistic animation amazed everyone back then.  I believe it was written by the same programmer who developed Prince of Persia.

Last year (2012), it was revamped for iOS, and also there is the classic Karateka for iOS as well:

New Karateka in iTune
Classic Karateka in iTune

I had the apps (new Karateka and the classic) installed and played with my son -- he's not too impressed with the classic version.  It's difficult and too much waiting time (just like real Apple II!) between selecting menus or between different screens (e.g. restarting the game).

And for the new version, my son loved it, but he finished the game in 1-2 hours.  It's way too simple and easy.  Its graphic is very nice and game itself is not too violent -- just martial art style fighting.  iTunes has 9+ rating.

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