July 11, 2020

[Note] OpenJDK and JavaFX problem

OpenJDK doesn't come with FX and you can install FX separately.  But somehow it still doesn't work -- Java application that uses JavaFX just can't find the FX packages for compiling and running.

Some suggests to copy FX files into JDK's lib directory (see link at the bottom).  I didn't try but that sounds most likely workable solution among many other suggestions.  Tried OpenJDK 1.8, 9, 11, 14...(with OpenFX apt-get install) nothing worked.

Just download Oracle JDK 1.8 tar.gz file, and used it to compile/run -- just for that application by setting the PATH to Oracle JDK in a bash script.

That saves a lot of time than trying to make OpenJDK to work with FX.

If still want to try OpenJDK+OpenJFX, try this page:

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