July 2, 2020

Fios DNS issue again (this time with Firefox browser as well)

I recently noticed that when I accidentally typed "router" in the browser (I used to have /etc/hosts file with that entry), and it was forwarded to really strange site.  I first thought I got some kind of virus, thus started to investigate it, scanning for virus, disable all browser extensions, trying with different browsers -- didn't find anything.

Since I already changed FIOS DNS (
FIOS DNS forwards invalid DNS traffic to some strange site:
https://blog.keithkim.com/2019/03/fios-dns-issue-1.html) I didn't think it would be the same problem.

After playing around different invalid site names and watching HTTP header, I found it's the DNS.  Checked the router settings and found that FIOS reset the change I made for DNS and this time, it was going to some site, and then it forwards again to not-so-trustful site.

Change the router's DNS to:

I first used the DNS from this page thinking this is the latest as it's an official Verizon site support page, https://www.verizon.com/support/residential/internet/home-network/settings/opt-out-of-dns-assist
but it still did the forwarding.  I used above 71. DNS entries and it stopped.

Look at the screenshots from below pages for FIOS Router setting from this page to find where DNS setting is,

Typed some garbage in the browser's URL field and it didn't forward this time but showing error page.  Now, I typed "router" again, and it went to "router.com" -- this time, it's the browser that's adding ".com" post-fix. 

See, https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1183187
In Firefox address bar, type about:config

Then look for, browser.fixup.alternate, then change it to 'false'

All good now.

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