March 13, 2019

Fios Issue #1: DNS

Run cmd and run nslookup.  Lookup on any words, like "badfios".  If it resolves to, then it is Verizon doing this.

That IP resolves to (search for "reverse IP lookup") "" Verizon has some kind of agreement with that company to redirect to sponsored sites instead.

Change FiOS router DNS to:

If the entry were "automatic", but before you enter into edit mode, it should show:

See here for more info:
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    Re: FIOS DNS Hack Directed to

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    I got a response from Verizon today about this.

    "This is expected bahavior.  The Verizon Online DNS resolvers have NXDOMAIN redirection services that redirect any unknown host to a sponsored search page.  You can opt out of this by changing your resolver from .12 to .14."

How to change the DNS in FIOS router -- follow this page.  Image may look little different but the steps are correct.

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