March 6, 2019

[OwnServer] Gitea -- host own github, gitlab

Github and Bitbucket are very useful and Bitbucket even allow unlimited number of free private repos but with 1GB storage limitation.  However, I want to run my own service at home for privacy, security issues and to overcome the storage limitation for some projects.

I tried GitLab, but found it was too heavy for the computer I use as a personal server at home which is an old PC with small amount of memory and not so fast CPU.

Then I found Gitea. Installation is very simple (follow this instruction).  Since I'm the only user at home, I set it up to use sqlite (default configuration), although I do run MySQL.  It looks and feels like Gitlab but very light and more than enough for small team.


[OwnServer] is a series of blog posts about running own server with many services.  When cloud and all kinds of public/commercial/free SaaS, SNS popped up everywhere, I moved everything to use the services.  And later, many of them got hacked, information leaked, and some service company doesn't want to even acknowledge its security issues and flaws.  I still use a few services but mostly for unimportant stuff or it can't be/too hard to host at home -- surprisingly, there are only a few like that.   Many services I use, there are great open source projects that can run on an old PC.

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