March 6, 2019

Kinect 2 and Windows 10 - face recognition login ("Windows Hello"), SDK, python, etc.

Note on setting up "Windows Hello"



  • Kinect2 -- XBox One Kinect
  • Kinect2 USB3 adapter
  • PC with USB3 port
  • Windows 10 pro 64-bit

My kids stopped using Kinect2 for a while, so I took it and bought the adapter for PC (around $30-$35).  You can buy Kinect2 from ebay around $40-$90.  Btw, USB3 port is required.

Install S/W

If you don't want to install Kinect2 SDK (download page), follow this instruction

Known Issues

  1. 2.0 SDK and developer known issues
    1. Troubleshooting and Common Issues
  2. Kinect2 diconnects/reconnects
  3. Kinect2 freezing, restarting 
  4. Other things you may want to try
I had disconnect/reconnect or freeze/restart problem -- this was due to Win10 privacy settings I changed.  After following above #2, #3 -- it's fixed.

Python S/W

So far, this is the only one works well --

Windows Hello is great.  IIRC, there were some solutions like this a while back before Win10.  It was a commercial s/w using regular webcam, but I remember it wasn't cheap for just for logging in.

Win10 Hello face recognition is instantaneous.  Python S/W is good to play around.

Other Dev Resources

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