March 17, 2019

Fios Issue #2: tracert on Windows

Odd behavior was observed on Windows using Fios.  When I ran 'tracert' in cmd on Windows 10, it showed only two hops.  But on Linux it showed all the hops.

See this on Windows:

On Linux:

In short, it's Verizon Fios interfering with ICMP as Windows using ICMP, but Linux is using UDP.  I also tried Ubuntu on Windows, but got the same results of two hops.  It seems only true Linux traceroute works properly with Fios.


1. CountryTraceRoute -
Simple application, not perfect, but seems to be ok.  Below screenshot is from the download site, but when it's ran, it shows same information as tracert for #1, #2 hops, but shows more afterward.

2. NMAP -
This is the real replacement of tracert; it requires to install npcap.  (WinCap is no longer developed.)

nmap -sU --traceroute



Windows MTR

Note that below is here for reference purpose.  Using 'mtr' did not fix the issue nor worked around the Fios issue.

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